• Application and Digital Preservation Engine according to eIDAS Regulation
  • Complies with SINCRO and ETSI standards
  • Multi organization
  • Fully customizable
  • Integrated with digital signature and time stamp

timeArchive, digital storage of electronic documents eIDAS compliant

timeArchive is an application and conservation engine for the digital document. It offers all the functions necessary for a conservator to perform the conservation processes of one or more entities. All functions are also accessible via archiving APIs compliant with high-level regulations. Functions that allow you to integrate your application with digital preservation according to law in a simple and intuitive way.

Lthe need to preserve digital documents over time emerges when the document is formalized and therefore becomes stable. And this typically happens within an application. Instead of expensive and cumbersome connections with the conservation system  it is much more functional to integrate high-level conservation functions into the original application. For this he was born timeArchive.

timeArchive it’s the easiest solution to add compliant digital preservation functions to your system.