itAgile answers to say goodbye to paper sea

prepare, send and sign electronic documents
  • be accessible wherever I am
  • simplify and accelerate processes
  • strengthen quality and compliance control
  • can be activated and integrated in a few days with high-level APIs
  • work well on mobile
  • to gape my client
use the digital signature
  • do not use smartcards
  • both fast and easy to use
  • is integrated with the applications I use and can be integrated via API
  • is compliant with European legislation
  • use certified devices with a certification that does not expire
  • is scalable and has a centralized administration
integrate remote digital signature into my processes
  • solves any signature need
  • sign and verify centrally
  • use the time stamp
  • manage strong multichannel authentication for each user
  • supports all signature formats (PAdES, CAdES, XAdES, S / MIME)
  • be able to do both remote signature and automatic signature
a signature book on the Web and on Mobile
  • sign and verify PDF, P7M or XML with or without time stamp
  • allows to organize and prepare the work by a delegate
  • allows you to share signature folders with other users
  • Integrate the signature function in document management and workflow
compliant long term digital preservation
  • conserve in the long term my documents (fiscal or not) digitally and in full compliance with the rules
  • allowing to easily add digital storage functions to my system
  • provide functions that free my application from all storage issues
  • avoid me expensive and cumbersome connections with the conservation/storage system
  • allows a functional integration in the application that I’m used to