SignatureFolder Logo
  • Web signature book or mobile APP
  • Signature and check PDF, P7M or XML with or without time stamp
  • Mechanism for delegating access to documents to be signed (assistant / signatory)
  • Graphic customization of the signature (PDF)

Signing has never been so simple. On the Web and on Mobile

signatureFolder allows you to sign your documents in a simple and intuitive way on WEB and Mobile.

signatureFolder it’s entirely Web. No need to install a client. No smart cards. You can sign wherever you are and from any device that can surf the Web.

With signatureFolder  you can sign and verify the PDF, P7M and XML signature. The ETSI PAdES, CAdES and XAdES standards are supported.

signatureFolder allows to share signature folders with other users and to integrate the signature function in the document management and in the workflow.

signatureFolder It is also available as an APP on iOS.