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  • Web signature book or mobile APP
  • Sign and verify PDF, P7M or XML with or without timestamp
  • Mechanism for delegating access to documents to be signed (assistant/signatory)
  • Graphic customization of the signature (PDF)

Signing has never been easier. On the web and on mobile

signatureFolder allows you to sign your documents in a simple and intuitive way on the Web and on Mobile.

signatureFolder is entirely Web. No need to install a client. No smart cards. You can sign wherever you are and from any device capable of surfing the web.

With signatureFolder you can sign and verify the PDF, P7M and XML signature. The ETSI standards PAdES, CAdES and XAdES are supported.

signatureFolder is also available as an app on iOS.

SignatureFolder Logo
  • REST API for integrating the signature into your processes
  • fluid and intuitive presentation of one or more PDF documents to be signed
  • multiple signature points
  • guided signing process
  • positioning of the signature via TAG
  • AES or QES signature (PAdES)

The most agile way to sign

Agiliter is the easy enterprise solution to start the digital transformation journey in you organization.

Agiliter is the enterprise engine for:

  • carry out completely digital transactions
  • use qualified and advanced electronic signatures legally compliant
  • centrally manage and track document flow
  • carry out secure transactions and ensure secure storage of data.

Agiliter is part of the itAgile-branded family of electronic signature solutions, and is the natural evolution of signatureFolder, designed for companies and organizations that need to integrate electronic signatures in the most agile and simple way possible, without having to face high costs for high volumes of documents to sign.

One or more PDF documents, each with multiple signature points, can be presented to the signer in a signing session where the signer is already identified, or can get a signing certificate on the fly.

Agiliter is available as an exclusive cloud service, but can also be installed on premise.

Agiliter provides a cloud test environment with online API documentation.