Request, obtain and use the qualified electronic seal for your company compliant with EU regulations.

Valid for accreditation and verification in the European database of energy labeling products (EPREL).

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EPREL - EU Product Registration database for Energy Labelling

One of the main purposes of EPREL is to inform consumers about the energy efficiency of products placed on the market. In order to fulfil this goal, non-confidential information about the products registered in EPREL will be made publicly available in March 2022 through an open Internet website.

To enable the information to be displayed, some steps are necessary to mitigate the risk of EPREL relaying illegitimate content. This will involve the electronic verification of the suppliers identity. To this end, suppliers (legal entity organisations) will need to use a Qualified Electronic Seal issued by a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP).

itAgile, in collaboration with TrustPro QTSP, has developed the multiSign eSeal solution that with a few steps allows you to obtain, in less than 48 hours, a Qualified Electronic Seal that complies with the requirements of the EPREL energy certification.

Is the eSeal provided by a Qualified Trust Server Provider (QTSP)?

Yes, our eSeal is provided by TrustPro QTSP ( It is a Qualified eSeal stored in a secure device.

TrustPro, as a QTSP, is authorized pursuant to EU Regulation n ° 910/2014 – eIDAS, is present in the TSL (Trusted Service List) of the European Commission and is certified for the issue of Qualified e-Seal that can be used for EPREL registration and verification.

The TrustPro seal is an eIDAS compliant Qualified Electronic Seal, valid throughout Europe and stored in a secure QSCD (Qualified Signature Creation Device) device.

Do I need to buy an eSeal from a QTSP in my Country?

No. Any QTSP eSeal is valid in all European Union. The EU eIDAS Regulation guarantee interoperability (art. 35 comma 3).

Do I need to install software or a smart-card?

No. Our eSeal is provided as a cloud service (multiSign cloud). Use a browser, load your document and seal it. It’s easy. Submit your request and we will send more info.

What is needed to get an eSeal for my Company?

You must represent legally your Company or be delegated to represent it and you need documents proving your identity and your company identity. You will be driven through a simple electronic procedure.

May I use the eSeal also through API?

Yes, if you need to eSeal many documents. API is an additional feature. Ask for it once you got your eSeal.

How long it takes to get an eSeal?

Requests are processed  from Monday to Friday (9:30 -18:30). After the purchase the identification process and eSeal enrollment requires few hours.

Get EPREL Verified with TrustPro Qualified e-Seal



Generic email addresses (ie,,, etc.) or emails not belonging to a legal entity (ie,, etc.) will not be considered as a valid request.