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  • Electronic and qualified signature solution ready for use
  • Multilevel user profiling
  • Integrated with the Certification Authorities
  • Strong authentication with OTP token, on Mobile with SMS
  • Complies with PAdES, CAdES, XAdES standards
  • Automatic signature, verification and time stamps

multiSign is the most used signature framework with DocuSign

The system multiSign offers all the functions necessary for the complete management of the digital signature @ the customer premises or in the cloud:

  • enrollment of qualified certificates
  • centralized timestamping
  • centralized verification
  • massive signature
  • all PKCS # 1 signature formats
  • CAdES
  • PAdES
  • XAdES
  • S/MIME
  • strong multichannel authentication

multiSign it is the ideal framework to satisfy any signature requirement both for the qualified electronic signature (or digital signature) and for the advanced electronic signature with the possibility of managing signature operations with a One Shot certificate.