• Global leading cloud solution for electronic and digital signatures
  • Prepare, send, sign, approve and archive digital documents
  • 300,000+ customers, 200+ million signatories
  • Global Standard for Digital Transactions (DTM)
  • Integration API
  • Integrated with the Qualified Electronic Signature

Docusign is a cloud platform for the complete management of transactions based on digital documents

How does it work

DocuSign allows the preparation, execution and management of electronic transactions in a completely digital environment:

  1. Users prepare electronic transactions by setting the order in which they are to be completed and the roles associated with each step.
  2. Transactions are performed with enterprise security levels and advanced authentication methods to validate the identity of signers. The electronic signatures are considered legally binding.
  3. Entirety of information for detailed reporting and proof of compliance.

DocuSign is an end-to-end DTM solution that integrates easily with existing digital systems (CRM, human resource management, ERP, etc.), easy to use for anyone. Mobile-enabled, securely encrypted, and legally accepted worldwide.

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