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  • Market leader enterprise solution for digital / qualified signing
  • HSM certified EAL4+, compliant throughout Europe
  • Scalable and efficient up to millions of users
  • Integrated with Office tools and with DMS

The most widely used digital signature solution in the world

Millions of signatories in companies, government agencies and in cloud services attentive to the security problem already use the renowned digital signature solution CoSign to automate signature-based processes. In addition to significant improvements in staff efficiency and cost savings associated with paper, these users gain numerous benefits that other electronic and digital signatures providers are unable to offer.

CoSign offers complete freedom of choice

It works with content authoring applications and commonly used file types, including Word, Excel, Outlook, PDF, PDF/A, InfoPath, TIFF, AutoCAD, Bentley MicroStation and many more. It can integrate digital signatures into the workflow automation system or document/content management chosen by the customer, such as SharePoint, OpenText, Oracle, Alfresco, Nintex, K2 and many more. Allows users to use any device to sign, the PC if they are in the office, the tablet at home or a mobile device if they work off-site.

CoSign guarantees maximum control and security

The signed documents remain in the company’s IT domain and are never saved on third-party servers. It adapts to existing processes, governance policies and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) instead of obliging the company to adopt rigid workflows. It integrates into the directories and registration methods of users who comply with the management and authentication requirements of the company.

CoSign allows you to comply with current regulations

It complies with stringent government and industry standards such as ESIGN, UETA, EU eIDAS, VAT Directive, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, USDA, SOX and many more. Ensures long-term proof of the identity and intent of the signatory as well as the integrity of the document for non-repudiation and cyber security purposes. The signatures can be immediately validated by anyone and in any place without the need of proprietary software.

CoSign ensures a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a rapid quick Return On Investment (ROI)

It makes it possible to begin the journey towards a significant reduction in costs associated with paper with a fast ROI and a low TCO. It installs quickly and has a negligible operational impact, as it requires less than 10 hours of IT maintenance per year. Offers flexible payment plans based on the user needs and company signature requirements. The digital signature solution CoSign counts among its clients some of the world’s most successful companies and has demonstrated its value in various geographic markets and vertical sectors.