Qualified Electronic Seal?

Ask it for your Company and use it today, as a cloud service. Valid for EPREL verification.

Cloud, or on-premise, or hybrid digital signature platform

eIDAS compliant, certified ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018

Send, sign and manage digital documents

with the agile solution used by
more than 100 million users worldwide

Agile solutions for the digital document

The itAgile answers to say
goodbye to massive paper chase

All the advantages of the latest generation technologies, for the transfer of documentation from paper to digital. In full compliance with current regulations.

Sign, send, manage.

Use DocuSign for:

  • Get support and approval within a few hours (not days and days) anywhere and on any device.
  • Access securely and sign documents quickly.
  • Upload and send documents to sign easily to others.
  • Send reminders and check the signature status at any time.
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DocuSign, the global standard for managing digital transactions based on electronic documents (Digital Transaction Management), is today the most usable and most used system in the world with over 200,000 client companies and over 100 million users. Read more

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The digital signature solution for your company. CoSign is the first centralized digital signature system based on HSM that is legally valid in Italy.
Read more

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FirmaRemota is the ideal framework to satisfy any signing requirement both for the qualified electronic signature (or digital signature) and for the advanced electronic signature with the possibility to manage signature operations with a One Shot certificate. Read more

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SignatureFolder allows to use the qualified signature on WEB and on Mobile. It allows to share signature folders with other users and to integrate the signature function in the document management and in the workflow. Read more